About us



Milde Marketing Science Communication and Management is a communication company deeply committed to science with a focus on outreach and public relations for fundamental research.

Since its foundation in 1999, Milde Marketing works across all media, and develops appropriate outreach tools for different target audiences.

Milde Marketing´s expertise includes strategic communication planning, a broad range of science media production including science films and animations and web based activities, exhibits, and event management. We also provide teaching and training, with the goal of improving the theoretical and practical communication skills of the participating scientists.

In collaboration with researchers, Milde Marketing aims at initiating, developing and maintaining communication activities on many different scientific levels in order to inspire a large variety of target audiences.

Milde Marketing is well grounded in a variety of international scientific, media and public relation communities, and frequently works together with media relation offices of universities, research institutes, scientific collaboration teams, as well as of funding agencies all over the world.