LIGO Magazine: 10th Issue available!

15th March 2017

Welcome to the tenth issue of the LIGO Magazine. This issue comes as we enter a “new season” of gravitational-wave astronomy: continuing the search for new signals with LIGO’s second observing run, O2”. We begin with an overview of O2 and an interview, “Getting ready for O2: A data analysis perspective”, with gravitational-wave astronomers Sarah Caudill and Vivien Raymond when they were gearing up to begin analyzing the new data. Michael Zevin discusses the new "Gravity Spy ” citizen science project, which is drawing insight from thousands of volunteers to characterize new LIGO data. And, as we prepared LIGO for O2, our colleagues were making exciting progress towards space-based detection of gravitational waves, outlined in “LISA in Brief ”. Looking back to the groundwork that made modern-day gravitational-wave astronomy possible, we also interview Walter Massey about his time as NSF Director when the LIGO project was first approved.

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