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A new perspective on Quantum Field Theory

The world of very large structures like planets and galaxies is described by Einsteins's theory of General Relativity whereas the world of subatomic particles is described by Quantum Field Theory.

But there is a problem. Quantum Field Theory is hard. To understand the interactions of quantum particles we first imagine that they don't talk to each other and then we imagine that they interact just a little. This is called pertubation theory. Each of these interactions represents a mathematical expression that physicists can calculate - with some effort. They are called Feynman diagrams. But particles can also interact strongly. These mathematical expressions are impossible to calculate even with the most heroic efforts and powerful computers. Things are starting to look extremely complicated. We need to change perspective to see the beauty of it and understand it.

For example, we can think of these processes in terms of String Theory and Integrable Systems.

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